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-  I'm Devash Shah

A Product Designer from Ahmedabad, India.


Currently working as a Product Designer in a Design Consultancy in Pune, India, I've also been fortunate to work with a Product design firm twice where I've done 3D CAD modeling and contributed to design process, also done some branding and Graphic design freelance work which include a website, branding and also few poster designs.


As an individual, I have always seen the world for what it truly is as that is the key aspect of solving an issue that isn’t always in direct sight. I have always focused on solving trickier problems, by converting innovative ideas into joyful experiences, with precision being my forte.

Apart from this, I am an adventurous Biker who loves indulging in Gyming sessions and listening to Music that stimulates my brain cells to think about the next big idea. I also love basketball and I've had the privilege to represent my team in various state-level competitions. 


I believe that a good professional always multiplies his network and is a learner who does not fail to make mistakes.



"The best way to predict your future is to design it"

                                                                                           -Abraham Lincoln


Unitedworld Institue of Design

(Gandhinagar, India)

Bachelor of Product Design



Onio Design and Strategy

(Pune, India)

Product Designer 2019

Currently working


Automotive Styling Boot Camp

(Pune, India) 2018

10 Days


Tuvie Design 1

Tuvie Design 2


St, Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall (Ahmedabad, India)



St, Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall (Ahmedabad, India)

Primary to High School


Dominix Strategic Design

(Pune, India)

Graduation Project 2019

6 months

Cluster-One Creative Solutions

(Pune, India)

Product Design Intern 2018

9 Weeks

Automotive Design Workshop

(Pune, India) 2017

3 Days


Tuvie Design 3

Cluster-One Creative Solutions

(Pune, India)

Product Design Intern 2017

5 Weeks

Graphic Design Freelancer

(Branding, Web, App, Strategy, Flyers, etc.)

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